SANIFER opens its 4th store - a message of hope during hard times

70 jobs saved with the opening of SANIFER Akoor Digue

In November 2019, the company launched a massive recruitment campaign for the opening of its 4th store in the capital’s west end. The team was built and joined the ranks in January 2020 to undergo training in SANIFER's core business and customer support techniques.

Despite the pandemic, SANIFER was keen to honour its commitments and decided to open the doors of its 4th store in Akoor Digue on Friday, 22 May 2020. This project has saved almost 70 jobs.

Since 2017, SANIFER has striven to maintain its growth, and now has four points of sale with over 570 employees serving the Tana market. The website is also available, enabling private individuals and professionals throughout Madagascar to easily access and benefit from the brand's offers without having to travel.

The decision to push ahead with this store opening represented a real challenge for the company, but also offers a message of hope for a better future. At SANIFER, we believe that, as well as fighting a medical war, we are facing a crisis but also an opportunity to once again prove that, through the solidarity being built in Madagascar, we can create momentum to get us through the best of times and the worst of times.

About SANIFER Akoor Digue

With more than 18,000 product references for construction and development, this new outlet represents a step forward in SANIFER's business concept.

The 2,200 m² of display space, entirely self-service, is laid out according to international best practices to optimise the customer experience

SANIFER takes pride in providing the same quality of service and offering the same range in every store. Therefore, continuous improvements are being made, both in the customer process - beginning with store parking, with a minimum of 150 parking spaces - and in logistics management.

Despite a challenging socio-economic environment, the market leader in the distribution of materials for construction and development opted to keep its 4th store open.

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